General Cleaning

Cleaning of fan coil unit (indoor)
We remove dust at cooling fins to let cold wind to be blown out effectively. Dusts acts as a layer of insulation to cold air and blocking the cold air path, which will cause slow & inefficient cooling, in return will have more costly electricity bill. It is always advised to tune the temperature to 25ºc and set the blower to maximum air flow for 10 minutes before completely turn off, to minimize condensation on cooling fins which is causing dust to solidify and less moldy smell.

Cleaning of condenser unit (outdoor)
we remove dust at cooling fins to let condenser working at a more nominal temperature. This will effectively reduce the cost of electricity bill.

Price List
Fan Coil(s) Per Trip 4 Times per Annum
1 S$45
2 S$65 S$230
3 S$90 S$330
4 S$110 S$420
5 S$135 S$500
6 S$160 S$570
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